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Be Connected Workshops
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Using cutting edge research, emotional connection and experiential learning to provide events for the public and professionals unlike any other.

Our workshops and events have three aims:

  1. Learn – safely encouraging you to be on your learning edge, developing you as a person.
  2. Connect – learning with others, connecting with others, creating a community rich in opportunity.
  3. Play – learning through play is a serious business. Adults learn through emotional connection and play as much as children!
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Providing contemporary knowledge combined with emotional connection and experiential learning techniques. Our events are attended by professionals from across the globe who want to learn and achieve more with their clients.

2018 Events

2018 Events

Knowledge gain, emotional connection and experiential learning with inspiring trainers - Beatriz & Terry Sheldon, MD; Dr Jessica Bolton; Dr. Angela Cooper; Dr Ricky Barrows

Public Events

Public Events

We bring learning through connection and the serious business of play to the public too. So, activate your connection with yourself, others and your world to vitalise your life. Learn more about yourself to help you be the best you you can be.