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Our events are for those within the field of psychotherapeutic change; so far psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, nurse psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health workers, students and others have attended, gaining personally and professionally from our events.

We support our attendees to harness our innate capacity to heal and heal others.  Connecting with wholehearted humility, integrating research, theory and practice and aiming to never lose sight of the person of the therapist; we have created unique experiential learning opportunities.

In June 2017, our event – Maximising Therapeutic Effectiveness: Improving Outcomes with Complex Clients, was a huge success, a profound learning experience which touched participants and presenters alike.

Our events are recommended for professionals of all backgrounds to improve outcomes and develop skills in creating a learning climate that works for you. Our inspiring group of trainers will share cutting edge research and evidence based practice in experiential workshops, designed to be different from your normal CPD events.

Our first event was inspired by Patricia Coughlin’s pioneering book from 2016, but in addition, the approach we use is also derived from theories of emotional systems, attachment, creativity, and motivational influence across psychology, sport, and leadership so that you can maximise performance and achieve your potential.

Coughlin (2016) shared the six factors that are associated with brain change in adults, and how you can apply this to connect in more fulfilling and rewarding relationships supporting more effective outcomes:

  1. focus and repetition – staying on task and embedding learning in a way that is scientifically proven to ensure consolidation. Deliberate practice is the key to achieving expertise; notice what moves you towards or away from your goals and how to gain mastery over this
  2. creating and maintaining a collaborative alliance – fostering connections are essential with colleagues, clients, and management so that you can co-create relationships for success.
  3. ensure moderate levels of anxiety – not too much, not too little- learning happens in a ‘zone of optimal development’. Regulating anxiety is crucial to ensure information is embedded and integrated. Learn how to recognise anxiety channels and respond to ensure it doesn’t affect performance.
  4. facilitating multiple levels of emotional activation – explore the different emotional systems and how to work with all emotions, expanding your capacity and relating to others in a more attuned way.
  5. creating “profound moments of meeting” – sustainable change happens after deep levels of connection. Discover how to achieve this and to make it happen more often.
  6. developing a coherent life narrative – valuing each person’s lens in which they approach their work, driven to passionately integrate your life experiences so that you can help others to do the same.