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Maximising Therapeutic Effectiveness: Improving Outcomes with Complex Clients

12th – 15th June 2017

Our programme was unique and quite unlike any other event.  With ground-breaking knowledge shared as in a conference; however, with personal and professional development and experiential training emphasised, so the learning embeds and clinical skills flourish.

Therapists of every stripe developed and integrated the clinical skills most associated with clinical change to improve their interventions, enhance effectiveness, and, ultimately, help more patients in a deeper and more-lasting fashion.

Sample Slides from the event

Keynote speaker – Patricia Coughlin shares the six factors associated with brain change in adults emphasised in her pioneering 2016 title.

Sample slides


Kristin Osborn our second keynote speaker, shared her presentation ‘Beyond the Words’ also developing ideas from her 2016 book.


We offered a choice of 8 workshops during the event, a few slides from some of the workshops are available in the links below.

Patricia Coughlin – Who are you really? Why do you do what you do? 

The best therapists are not only highly educated and skilled, but are an authentic and engaged presence.  This experiential workshop is designed to help you get clear about who you really are, while discarding old, limiting beliefs that hamper, rather than support you, in being your best self.


Kristin Osborn – Building Bridges Between Clients and Clinicians: How increasing your emotional aptitude influences the therapeutic alliance

Neuroscience, attachment and psychotherapy research indicates that the therapeutic alliance is at the heart of treatment. You’ll learn how and why cultivating your own capacity for self-compassion, self-care and emotional experiencing helps you resonate more fully with your clients so they can experience change. You’ll learn how non-verbal interplay can guide you when facing a client who is experiencing intense emotions. By the end of this workshop, you’ll feel more comfortable being yourself ‘in session’.


Terry and Beatriz Sheldon – Expanding the Therapeutic Attachment Relationship and Physiotherapy for the Brain 

& Facilitating Multiple Levels of Emotional Activation to Facilitate Neuroplasticity

These workshops taught and demonstrated how to enhance your practice of psychotherapy and maximize your therapeutic effectiveness.  Working within an active and present therapeutic attachment relationship mobilizes high levels of emotional activation and provides relational connection and safeness.  Their second workshop went into depth about the different levels of emotional processing in the brain: non conscious primary level emotions from subcortical parts of the brain, nonconscious secondary level emotional processing from the basal ganglia, and tertiary level emotional processing from the neocortex.


Dr Angela Cooper – Working with Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS): Beginners workshop & Advanced Workshop

These workshops covered basic theory and practice as applied to patients with low to moderate MUS and more advanced theory regarding the development and maintenance of MUS.

Sample slides:


Dr. Jessica Bolton – Using Deliberate Practice to Increase Capacity and Improve Outcomes

Practice! It’s how the good become great, and how we all become good.   We wouldn’t expect to learn to play an instrument by going to concerts or by only performing whole pieces to an audience.  This workshop will show you how to use Deliberate Practice to enhance your development, your clinical practice and your outcomes.  The workshop will emphasize experiential learning through role-plays, watching video material, including of your own clinical work.

Sample slides:


Diane Byster -Building Awareness and Healing Trauma: Integrating Yoga Principles and Practice Into Psychotherapy

This workshop will demonstrate how basic principles and practices from yoga can be incorporated into experiential psychotherapy.  You will learn essential principles from yoga that apply to trauma as well as understand when and how to use yoga breathing, simple, gentle movement practice, and mindful self-compassion techniques.

Sample slides:


2017 Key Note Speakers:

Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin – Clinical Psychologist, acclaimed trainer

Author of Maximising Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy (2016)

Kristin Osborn

Kristin Osborn – Director of Affect Phobia Therapy

Harvard Medical School Psychotherapy Research Program



2017 Workshop Presenters also included:

Dr Angela Cooper – Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor, Centre of Emotions and Health, Dalhousie University, Canada

Diane Byster – ISTDP therapist and registered yoga teacher.

Terry & Beatriz SheldonDevelopers of a new paradigm in psychotherapy – complex integration of multiple brain systems (CIMBS)

Dr Jessica Bolton – Director of Thrive PPP Ltd and President of IEDTA