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Sheldons Workshop: 25-26th October 2018

Changing non-conscious emotional networks & transforming your work with complex clients:
new experiential therapeutic approaches

Beatriz Sheldon
Terry Sheldon
Terry & Beatriz Sheldon
developers of a new paradigm in psychotherapy – complex integration of multiple brain systems (CIMBS)

A workshop with Complex Integration & Multiple Brain Systems [CIMBS™] & NeuroPhysioPsychoTherapy™


Price: £325 for two days.

This is a two-day Experiential Training Course with Beatriz Sheldon and Terry Sheldon, MD

Workshop places are limited. Book now.

“Our goal as teachers is to add to your understanding, skills, experience, and perspectives.  This course will be a combination of perspectives, approaches, interventions and principles to enhance your trust and confidence in yourselves, your patients and the therapeutic process.  This will enable you to tap into previously unknown resources in yourself to more effectively achieve the goals of therapy.
We believe you will be able to go home with some new interventions and approaches that you will be excited to use the next time you see patients.

In this course we will demonstrate how we operationalize our goals as therapists working with non-conscious emotional processing.  

This course will help you learn how to work with different levels of consciousness and emotional processing.  This will enable you to get underneath the secondary level, transference patterns, emotional habits, triggers, where therapy often gets stuck.

You will learn how to work with the different brain systems to access primary level emotional processing.  We will help you learn how to achieve novel states of activation and incoherence – this enables new self-organizing capacities to be released and facilitation of neuroplasticity.  In addition, you will learn how to interrupt nonconscious emotional constraints to move the process forward in a very different way rather than addressing defenses directly.

Teaching will be experiential on many levels, so that, in parallel, you can then provide enhanced experiential treatment for your patents.”

Our events are always about improving clinical outcomes in the work that you do, by being person that you are. We ensure that your learning and training experience provides you with new ideas, information and knowledge to better help your clients and to connect with you.

100% of our attendees have reported being on track to experience long term learning after our events so far. We follow up every attendee and are enthusiastic about receiving feedback every step of the way.

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“Having the opportunity to discuss these topics and issues within an international community was electrifying”

Dr Ellen Beauchamp, USA

“Thrive thought of every little detail showing such care to delegates. The 4 days split into key note speakers and workshops was really rewarding. The focus on therapists qualities and reflecting on what we can take away and do differently. The food was delicious and the refreshments and regular breaks were nourishing.

Amazing week! It re-ignited my motivation to be a better therapist!”

Dr T Maybey, UK

“Openness, feeling valued, accepted, warmth. It was totally different! Lovely feel, lots of mingling, interesting workshops. I felt emotionally supported by the event and learned in a different way.”

Dr A Ramhakrah, UK

The knowledge gain combined with emotional connection and experiential learning techniques.

Who can attend?

Our events are for those within the field of psycho-therapeutic change; so far psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, nurse psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health workers and students have attended, gaining personally and professionally from our events

Why come?

Our events are unlike any other, with experiential techniques aiming for long term emotionally attuned learning. The learning may be lifelong for some, indicated by the many participants who described the first event in 2017 as “life changing”.  Our focus on the Person of the Therapist ensures our events stand out.

Focusing on developing skills at a transtheoretical and transdiagnostic level, the practical strategies that you can implement immediately enables you to deliver results quickly and directly to your clients.

Inspiring trainers share cutting edge theory and research, as well as providing a deeply experiential learning experience with opportunities for deliberate practice.

The combination is quite something else!  So book now!

Where is it?

Chris Bryant Conference Centre, 301 Reservoir Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6DF, UK.

Albert (Terry) Sheldon M.D. Is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle and has taught psychotherapy for 20 years. He has trained in and practiced many therapeutic modalities, including CBT, EMDR, hypnosis, group therapy, psychodynamic, mindfulness, and -most extensively – Intensive Short- Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Dr. Sheldon received a Bush Medical Fellowship in 1992 to pursue research in psychotherapy. He embarked on a course of experimentation and research with the therapeutic process that continues into the present.

Beatriz SheldonBeatriz Sheldon MEd.Psych. Has practiced psychotherapy in Vancouver, BC for 25 years and trained and supervised clinical counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists for the past 10 years. She graduated with a Med Psych. from McGill University, Montreal where she also completed a postgraduate specialization in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. She was one of the clinical investigators in a recently published, multi-center, evidence based research study of Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.(“Controlled Evaluation of Short Term Psychotherapy in patients with personality disorders” 1999-2002)

Together, they have pioneered a different paradigm utilizing extensive clinical research and incorporating the latest knowledge from neuroscience. They have also been developing new experiential teaching approaches to enable therapists to incorporate (even embody) the wisdom into their own therapeutic work.