Maximise Effectiveness

Therapist Events 2018

Be Connected Workshops
Open to all

Timetable of Clinicians Events

2nd October 2017 and then monthly

Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems small group training with Terry Sheldon

17-18th January 2018 with a follow up day 6-8 weeks later, to be confirmed

3 day introductory course in EDT with Jessica Bolton and Ricky Barrows

First block starting 2nd-6th May 2018

3 year core training with Jessica Bolton and Angela Cooper

25-26th October 2018

Pre Event Workshop – The therapeutic attachment relationship: complex integration of multiple brain systems. Terry and Beatriz Sheldon

25 places only

27th-28th October 2018

Main two day Experiential Learning Event

With The Sheldons, Jon Frederickson, Jessica Bolton

29-30th October 2018

Post Event Workshops with Jon Frederickson

ISTDP masterclass with video supervision

50 places only

Main 2018 Event Schedule  – 27th-28th October 2018
27th October 2018

plenary presentations

Co-creating change with skill building etudes! – Jon Frederickson

Bringing Non-conscious emotions to the forefront – Beatriz and Terry Sheldon, MD

Developing the person of the therapist with deliberate practice – Dr. Jessica Bolton

28th October 2018

Half day workshops

Using mindful ‘kindful’ attendtion to support powerful therapeutic relationships – Beatriz and Terry Sheldon, MD

Transtheoretical skill building workshop – Jon Frederickson

Using deliberate practice to develop emotional capacity – Dr. Jessica Bolton