Maximise Effectiveness

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Core trainees resources

Introduction to EDT course resources

  • Pre-course reading list
  • This course will be more easily digested if you have read at least the first 6 chapters of:

    • Frederickson, J. (2013). Co-creating change: effective dynamic therapy techniques. Seven Leaves Press, Kansas City, MO.

    The following titles can support long term learning from the course:

    • Coughlin, P (2016). Maximising Effectiveness in Dynamic Therapy.
    • Rousmaniere, Tony (2016). Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists.

    Reading suitable for you and your clients:

    • Frederickson, J (2017). The Lies We Tell Ourselves:
    • Frederick, R.J. (2009). Living Like You Mean It: Use the Wisdom and Power of your Emotions to get the life you really want.

    More resources coming soon.