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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for event bookings

Admission and certification.     
a.    Admission: Thrive PPP Ltd reserves the right to deny a person admission to a congress or symposium based on for example an insufficient educational background or inappropriate work settings.
b.    Certificate: your attendance is recorded. You will receive a certificate when you have been in attendance.

Cancellation policy 
a.    Cancellation notifications must be given in writing. In accordance with the cancellation policy the date of cancellation is the date of receipt.
b.    For cancellations made more than one month before the start date a fee of £50 for administration costs will be charged.
c.    For cancellations made less than one month before the start date the full price will still be owed. Upon approval by Thrive PPP Ltd transfer to a colleague is possible. In this case a fee of £50 per person for administration costs will be charged.
d.    For those who gained a place at the event via organisational partnership or competition and who registered their attendance – non-attendance or cancellation within 2 weeks of the start of the event will lead to a £100 fee, payable within one month of the invoice.  

a. Parties, also including third parties involved are required to maintain the confidentiality of the requested together provided confidential information, account information, databases etc, all in the broadest sense, unless the customer has given written consent to disclosure or publication based on legal provisions .

a. Complaints about the work should reach within eight days after discovery, but no later than five days after the invoice date in writing, preferably as detailed as possible, be reported by the Customer without care. 
b. If there is a complaint Thrive PPP Ltd will do everything possible to solve the problem, but with no parties involved having any right to compensation, directly or indirectly.

a. There is a payment term of 30 days or 30 days before the event (whichever is the earlier), failing which penalty interest will be charged at 8% per month throughout exceeded period.
b. Client continues after notice of default to pay the claim, Thrive PPP Ltd reserves the right to cancel the tickets and release to others, even if a deposit has been made, with the above cancellation policy becoming applicable.

Applicable law and disputes
a. The legal relationship between the parties is governed by English law.